Answering a question left in a comment...

"I'm getting so many ideas from both of you since I am a SAHM as well. I've been in a bit of a fashion rut lately, but checking out your outfits really has inspired me to pretty it up a bit. You wear dresses quite often and have some really cute ones. Can you offer any tips for buying dresses?! The ones I choose ALWAYS end up looking frumpy."

Instead of picturing what event you would wear the dress to, look at each dress and picture if it could be worn on a trip to the park with your kids, or if you could wear it to a visit with another SAHM. Don't buy a dress just for an event, buy a dress that is versatile for every day wear, and yet can still be dressed up. Most dresses that are sleeveless and made out of cottons or knits are suitable for everyday wear in the summer. Or pretty much any dress that would look cute with a pair of flip flops will work.

Once you have found a dress you know you will actually get a lot of wear out of, then start looking for fit. When I buy a dress there is one universal quality I look for. All my dresses need to be about knee-length. Any longer and I look too short, any shorter and I feel it isn't practical for chasing my toddler. I don't limit myself to dresses that are knee-length when bought as long as the dress can be hemmed. I've had to hem to knee-length several of my dresses.

Another thing I look for is I want the dress to be fitted around the smallest part of my body. Right under my bust and to my waist is that place for me. Since I have a high waist, many empire waisted dresses fit right at my waist. As long as the dress is cinched in at the waist and knee length, the dress is perfect for me.

You will have to find your perfect cut for your body type and then look for those elements in the dresses you shop for. A great website for discovering your body type is You Look Fab. Finding the right cut means trying on several different styles at several different stores in several different sizes.

Lastly...I've listed where I have bought each of my dresses, so you know I find dresses at Kohl's, Target, H&M, thrift stores, Ebay, and of course, regular department stores. Because I have a strict budget, most of my dresses are from Target or thrift stores. If you are small, don't forget to check the girl's section out too, since girls' dresses are generally cheaper!

Missi, do you want to add anything to this?