Gap Dress

So this is the dress I bought for a wedding rehearsal I'll be in (I'm going to be a birdesmaid in my friend's wedding) in a few weeks. I had tried it on back when it was brand new at Gap, but it was $69.50, and I wasn't about to spend that much. I ended up not finding it in my size when it went on sale and after months of searching and not finding it, I started obssessing about it.

I finally found the dress on ebay, but it was $35, and with shipping, it ended up being $45! I had obssessed long enough and was determined to buy the dress, and so I did. I was so excited about it when it first came, but found that it really didn't look as good on me as I had thought it did back in May when I tried it on. The panel at the bust flattens the bust in an unnatural way, and the dress is longer than I remembered. I took a seam ripper and took out all the seaming that was on the underside of the garment at the bust to give me some more room. I also took out the boning on the dress. Now, it's a little better, but still looks silly. I plan on hemming it a little as soon as I get a chance.

This morning, I wore the dress for church, so I needed a coverup and wore this jean jacket with it. I got the idea from my friend's blog (I wish I had the brown boots, but I'll have to wait till Fall to try that look!). I didn't have time to do my hair so I threw it on top of my head in a bun. The jacket gave the dress an edge so it needed the brown belt and shoes to anchor it and give it some more definition.

If I end up wearing this for the wedding rehearsal, I'll wear it sans the belt and jacket with my nude pumps and maybe a white or blue shrug.

You can see in this picture what I mean about the bust panel not being very flattering. Hopefully with the boning and the seaming taken care of, it doesn't look that bad.
Dress - Gap (off Ebay) - $35.00
Brown leather belt - Gap - $24.50
Brown leather t-strap pumps - Aerosoles - $29.00
Blue crocheted bracelet - The Velvet Lounge - $0.50
Blue drop bead earrings - gifted
Jean jacket - Hydraulic - gifted