Matchy matchy

This first picture I had to post because I have to admit that this outfit makes me look pregnant. Angie is right about these empire tops on busty women! I mean, this look is basically what I wore through most of my pregnancy (tunic/empire waist top with a denim knee-length skirt)!
But I wanted to wear it anyhow - so this is what you get. :-)
I took the picture forgetting I had taken my bangles off...shoot. So yeah - I wore bronzed bangles with this outfit.

I know the whole green sandals with the green top is a little too matchy matchy - but I couldn't help it since the shiny ribbon in the sandal matched so perfectly with the shiny ribbon on the top. I'm sure a brown wedge would look better so it would bring out the brown tank top underneath. But oh well. I'm still experimenting!

Green tunic - Anthropologie (Ebay) - $4.01
Brown tank top - J.Crew - $3.99
Denim skirt - Gap - $9.99
Green sandal/cork wedges - thrifted - $2.00
Bronze bangles (not pictured) - Claire's - $1.00