2008 Primetime Emmy Awards

I didn't actually get to watch the Emmys, but I thought I'd dig up all these pics online and let you all peruse them and give your opinions if you like! Among my favorites was Brooke Shields' fuschia ruffly gown. Gorgeous on her! My absolute favorite was Nicolette Sheridan's rich purple gown. The detail was amazing, and I loved how she wore her hair down with it. Vanessa Williams' dress really caught my eye too! She was stunning. I'm missing a picture of Jenna Fischer's gown, which is too bad. I thought hers was very elegant. Terri Hatcher's dress was fun and flirty.

The dresses I didn't like were Christina DeRosa's. That white fan purse was hideous - the dress was bad enough! Eva Longoria Parker got points for her dress, but I thought it looked ridiculous. Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kate Walsh, and Mary Louise were also among the ones I disliked.