A little bit on Make-up

My husband bought me this book for my birthday. It's all about make-up that Sephora sells, how to use it, what it is, what it does, etc. It also has a whole bunch of tips on how to "fake" a look, how to make you look more awake, or how to make your legs look flawless, how to fix beauty catastrophes...just all sorts of information on looking your best. So after pouring over the book for a few weeks I got the bug to go to Sephora and actually buy some of the fabulous products.
Since my budget is small and most of the beauty products at Sephora cost a lot, I limited myself to only buying two things. My picks were:
Benefit's Eye Bright pencil. At $20 it is a huge chunk of my beauty budget, but I've been wanting this ever since I was 20 (so for five years, lol). I do not regret this, it does wonders for your eyes!
My second was stila's tinted moisturizer. I've bought this before and loved it, so I knew it would be a sure thing. It did cost $32, but not only is it a tinted moisturizer, it also has SPF 15. I never remember (or even think) to put on sunscreen, so this is a very simple way to protect my skin while looking fabulous.
Next time I make a trip to Sephora I WILL buy "Benetint" lip, cheek and whatever else stain. But for now, I'll be content with my fabulous eye pencil and my moisturizer.