More than just fashion...

So I thought I'd abuse my privilege in being one of the authors on this blog, by noting today something that doesn't really have to do a whole lot with what we normally post. Although, I'd like to suggest that fashion is more than just what we wear. Sometimes fashion is a popular cause or effort. It can be fashionable to be volunteering your services at non-profit organizations, or it can be fashionable to give to charities, or fashionable to go "green" by recycling and only using products that are environmentally friendly.

While I don't plan on using this blog as a platform to push my beliefs on others, nor, do I plan on making other aberrations like this in the future, I do wish to make this one and only deviation from my usual posting by posting a link to my brother's website in hopes that you will join me in supporting his cause. We can always start a fashionable trend in the right direction, right?

My brother is a missionary pilot with SOAR International Ministries to Far East Russia. He lives half of the year in Alaska, and half of the year in Russia. I have recently been more interested in his ministry than usual, and have felt that I should take advantage of any listening ear I have to direct your attention to the great needs the people in Far East Russia have!

Right now my brother (GJ) is leading a very small church in Siberia (Chukotka region - City of Provideniya). Many missionary organizations are neglecting this area of Russia because the climate is so harsh and the living conditions are so primitive.

For any of you who have a heart for missions, please read about my brother's ministry and show your support and prayers by clicking on the "Followers" link in the sidebar of his blog. No matter what your religion is, or if you have any religion at all, we should all be in agreement that the poor and oppressed people of this world need our help!