Answer to a reader question...

By the way I layered my hair in the front as per your instructions, and it turned out great. I think I kind of all ready knew where to start but having your expertise helped me actually go ahead and do it. I love it, and I saved a bunch of cash. One more hair question: How do you tease your hair at the crown, when I do it it looks terrible and very messy, yours looks so smooth. Thanks!

That is awesome that you cut your own hair! Good job! We'd love to see a picture!

The trick that I've found to work is to over tease. I tease all the way around my head, the top side part, the crown, and right up to behind my bang. Then I brush it smooth all over. While right after I've teased my hair looks punk rocker huge, the brushing tames it down so that what I'm left with is the right amount of teasing. Also, the more you tease, the longer it will stay. Usually I use a touch of hairspray just right at the crown to hold it in.

Even still, I find that some days I just can't get it to look smooth and on those days I just wear it flat. It gets tricky getting just the right amount of volume and smoothness.