Getting inspired...slowly...

This past weekend I decided to go through my closet. First it was just to pull out my summer clothes and make sure I had all my fall/winter clothes out. But then it turned into a more "cleansing" process of items of clothing I never wear, are to small, or simply look bad on me.

I'd really like to see my closet become more cohesive. I'd like to see it portray my style and fashion sense (what little I my posses) and keep to colors and silhouettes that are flattering to me. Since I don't have the money to go out and buy a new wardrobe right now, I thought I'd first let myself get inspired. I've started clipping out magazines of colors and shapes and styles that I really love. My bulletin board is very small, but here is what I have so far.

The top I've posted twice now (what I call my batwing top) I was inspired to buy after clipping out the picture of that black top on the bottom left hand corner of my bulletin board. That cashmere top you can get at Macy's for $99. I think my version of it from Target was a much better deal:) Granted, it's not cashmere, but I am a mom with a young toddler, so why spend big bucks on an item I need to be able to throw in the wash?
I've found the colors I'm drawn to in magazines are black, white, gray, red and yellow. I love dark colored nail polish and simple but statment making belts and other accessories. This is all becoming very fun and exciting. I feel like I've started a treasure hunt quest of sorts. A treasure hunt to find my sense of style/fashion and bring it out in what I buy and wear. Fun!