Answer to a reader question...

Just curious about something though. In a few of your posts you've mentioned your husband and him oking your choice of clothes. Does he have a big say in what you wear? If you can't ''convince'' him of this skirt do you have to get rid of it? Just curious.

I've recently started to mention what my husband thinks, because in my attempt at streamlining my wardrobe and finding my style, I had to start analyzing everything I wear to determine if it was something I really liked or was just wearing because it was in my closet. Through that process I have realized that there are only two people's opinion I really care about. 1) My own opinion, and 2) my husband's opinion. So I went through everything in my closet first on my own, getting rid of what I didn't like; and then with my husband, getting rid of things he didn't like.

The short answer to your question is, yes, lately he does have a lot of say in what I wear. However, I don't have to get rid of the skirt if he doesn't like it, I just have no reason to keep the skirt if he doesn't like it since I care about what he thinks of how I look.

If my husband had no clue about fashion, or no taste in clothes, I might not care about what he thinks - but my husband really has a good eye, and we usually agree on everything, so it is easy for me to accept his opinion on what he thinks of my clothes. In fact, he takes me shopping fairly often and picks things out for me to try on - what he has picked out are some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Also, it is not his idea to make me wear certain things, this is just me. He doesn't require me to wear certain things or to get rid of what he doesn't like - I have just been doing that lately in an effort to downsize.

Hope that answers your question.

Oh - and the combination I had yesterday with the skirt was a winner - my husband liked it so I will keep the skirt.