A boring button down shirt.

Like Nic, I'm trying to figure out my style and only buy pieces of clothing that fit into what I'd like my image to one day be, as well as look good on my figure.
Ever since I can remember one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear has been a plain button down shirt. Back when I was skinnier I use to wear them all the time. Since having a baby, gaining weight, and becoming fuller in the chest, I have opted to skip wearing button downs because they tend to pull and don't give me that longer, crisp look I use to think they gave me.

If I had to pick one person who I'd call my fashion icon or fashion inspiration I would say it is Katherine Hepburn. She wore menswear well and made some very boring pieces look amazing. I would love to be able to pull off that casual, classic style and bring a bit of "Diva" to it like she did.
My modern day fashion inspiration is Katie Holmes. Granted, she hasn't always been my fashion inspiration, but the past couple years I find myself adoring her style and I'd love to be able to copy it.
Today is a day at home, so nothing to fancy. I did recently buy this pink button down shirt and I was so pleased to find the buttons didn't pull! I'd love to start building up my button down shirt collection in colors that look good on me. My style is very classic and I'd really love to play that up more so when people look at me, they can tell who I am and what my fashion sense is.
Shirt ~Gap $8
Jeans ~ Gap $12
Earrings ~ Gifted
Dansko clogs (Blah, I need to replace these)