Finding my style Part III

The next style issue I've had to address recently is that of a hairstyle. A woman's hair is the best accessory she owns. It is oftentimes the first thing someone notices about her, and really says a lot about her personality. If you, like me, are looking to polish your look and define your style, then after clearing out your wardrobe and determining what colors look best on you, a haircut should be your next step.

With the short cut being so trendy right now, I've really wanted to cut my hair. I've used virtual makeover sites to see which short cut would be the best on me, and have come very close to calling a hairstylist to make an appointment to cut it.

The bottom line is the shorter to medium-length cuts are almost always going to make a bigger style statement than long hair. Why? Because, most women with long hair don't do much with it, besides throw it in a ponytail. With a shorter cut, your hair looks instantly styled with minimal effort. Shorter hair frames your face, allows for bounce and movement, and keeps your hair healthy, which will give it extra shine. Longer hair can end up with split ends, leaving it dull and lifeless. Long hair can weigh so much that you will have no bounce or movement. And more often times than not, long hair is worn either pulled back from your face, or hanging in strings far below your face.

After analyzing photo after photo of really great short cuts...

I've come to the conclusion that everyone should wear a stylish short cut...UNLESS they are willing to take the time and effort to keep their long hair styled. If you have the time to wear your hair either perfectly coiffed, curled, or straightened, then by all means...keep it long! But if not, get a smart cut that will give you that instant style oomph!

But for those of you whose style is romantic (like mine), and if you are willing to pay the price, there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping your hair long...

After much thought over what my signature look should be, or maybe already is, I've decided that I just wouldn't be "me" without my long hair. I know at some point I'll cut it short, but for now I'm going to stick to my old look and just force myself to keep it styled so that it will look like a "style!"

And yes, the photo above is from our family photo shoot we had on Saturday.