Still working on it...

I went through a lot of my wardrobe with my husband last night asking him his opinion on things. Most people tell me not to worry about what he says, since what does he know about fashion, etc. But, the truth is...I really only care about what two people think about what I look like. That is myself and my husband. Of course, I want to make sure he likes what I wear too!

I've tried not to make any new purchases without him for this reason, but unfortunately, these jeans I bought on my own a few weeks ago, and I'm starting to regret it. Since he wasn't there to tell me when I bought them how the whiskering and faded parts of these jeans make my hips look even wider and my legs look even shorter, all I could see was that the lighter color was something I didn't have in my wardrobe, and for $19, what a deal! Grrr...

I took the tags off already, so they won't be returned, and since I spent $20 on them, I think I'm just going to try to make them work for a while. I like them...I just know I look much better in my dark wash skinny jeans.

Learning to only buy what looks good is going to be a long and hard lesson for me to learn!

It's a beautiful rainy day, and I wanted to wear muted colors and a cozy sweatshirt to match the weather. I also love how J.Crew features looks that include sweatshirts and heels. This is my attempt at copying one of their looks.

Sweatshirt - Sisley (hand-me-down)

Tank - Kohl's - $3.99

Jeans - H&M - $19.90

Sandals - Old Navy - $9