Follow up on "finding my style Part III"

I've been reminded that some people can't do a short cut based on their hair texture (thank you Jules)! I thought I would mention that I meant to say short-to-medium cuts. Even then, I'm sure girls with spiral curly hair also like to keep their hair long, and yet, they don't have to straighten or curl their hair for it to look styled.

So I needed to follow up that last style post with the point that I think every woman needs to make sure her hair looks styled. A styled cut usually means a shorter cut, as styling shorter hair is easier than styling longer hair. For this reason, I think shorter is better to achieve a polished and stylish look. For those of us with wavy or full-bodied thick hair (like myself), or for those of you with super curly hair, you may never be able to wear your hair short! Nevertheless, you can keep it layered to give your hair shape and body, and as often as you can keep it looking styled, (whatever that may mean for you) keep it styled!