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I was given this meme by Inside Out Style, from Melbourne (which sounds like a very cool city!)

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My State is Washington, and I live about an hour south of Seattle. I LOVE Seattle and I'm loving my state (I've only lived here 2.5 yrs)

1. Shopping! Seattle has so many great places to shop, fun, unique, trendy little boutiques and my favorite mall is in Bellevue. I also love the fashion sense (even the fashion sense of those who lack fashion) here. People are very comfortable to dress the way they please and I love seeing how people express themselves (though sometimes super crazy) in what they wear.

2. Food! There are so many wonderful places to eat! My favorite french restaurant is tucked away in a corner of Pikes Place Market called Maximilien. Very yummy! I was told by a women, who is from France, that the food is very authentic as well. :)
I also love how healthy most people are, or at least try to be. No one looks at you oddly if you want to go all organic (or something to that effect).

3. Pikes Place Market and other wonderful Farmers Markets. Olympia is the nearest Farmers Market for us and I do go there often through it's open season (spring-late fall). But every now and then we get to shop at Pikes Place Market. The selection is amazing and I adore the hustle and bustle from all the busy vendors and crazy shoppers.

4. The weather. I know many people think of constant rain when Washington State is talked of. And while that is true in some sense, it really isn't as bad as people who don't live here say. Through the "Raining season", (late fall-late spring) it does rain often, and it is cloudy and over cast almost daily. However, the rain is usually very light and we seldom, if ever, have lightening and thunder storms (which I hate!) Normally the rain does let up at one point or another during the day and the sun will usually peak through. And even if it doesn't, our temps are very mild, never to cold, never to hot.
Our summers are breathtaking! Our skies are clear (doesn't rain often in the summer) our Mountain scenes are amazing and the weather rarely gets very warm. I LOVE summer!!!

5. Recreation. You'd think in a state that rains as often as ours we'd have come up with a million ways to entertain ourselves in doors. But nope, not Washingtonians. Rain or shine we keep most all our activities outside. Biking, hiking, climbing, and boy do we have some great places to hike and bike and climb. We have some beautiful parks near us and with all the amazing green foliage everywhere I almost feel like I live in an exotic rain forest. I love to bike and I'm thrilled with all the trails provided so I get my outdoor fix even if it's drizzling.

And that's all folks!