One dress three ways

Had a lot going on today and was thrilled for this great opportunity to experiment with my wardrobe again.

I wore the above outfit for an appointment I had this morning. I really like the versatility of this dress, but will admit that the poofy sleeves make me look a little disproportionate, so I realize this isn't the perfect cut for my figure.

I wore:

Burgundy dress - Old Navy - $4.99
Gray tights - Target (girl's section) - $1.89
Black low wedges - The Velvet Lounge - $6.00
Bead necklace and earrings - The Velvet Lounge - $2.00
(I wore my black leather satchel bag with this too)

Later this afternoon I babysat five children (who really didn't need me - they were so well behaved and took care of themselves). Nevertheless, in case I had to stop any fights, I figured I better dress for the occasion.

Same dress
Black leggings - Target (girl's section) - $6.99
Black belt - Target - $3.74
Black loafers - Target - $3.74
Gold hoops - Wal-Mart - $19.99
(wore my black satchel with this too)

Then, in just a bit now, I'll be going on a date, so I had to make this baggy dress look as sexy as possible.

Same dress
Black belt - Kohl's - $2.40
Black stilettos - Macy's (Steve Maddens) $27
Bronze glitter clutch - H&M - gifted
Oversized silver chandelier earrings - gifted

And since this 70 degree day has now cooled off a bit, I added my leather jacket (gifted from Wilson's Leather).