3 under 3

And by "3 under 3" what I mean is I have three kids today I'm watching that are all under 3 yrs old! I didn't want to dress to "functional" though, because it promises to be a sunny (though cool) day and I hope we can all go outside and play as soon as it's warm enough. So I broke out my spring time "yellow" bag and I'm wearing peep toe wedges.
I LOVE my yellow bag. There is nothing really that fantastic about it, I bought it at Kohls, it doesn't even have fabulous pockets or anything. But I love the creamy yellow color of it and it just makes me happy.
Since I've been watching a lot of kids lately (all under the ages of 3) I have been avoiding long necklaces that are easy to grab (and therefore, break) so I'm sticking to my charm necklace with an "M" for Missi" and a "heart" for love. You could argue that my necklace says to "love Missi". hee, hee
These are my AE for payless specials that I bought last spring. They are super comfy and give me the height I so crave.

Top ~ Marshalls $10
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Wedges ~ Payless $19
Bracelets and cuff~ gifted, DBY and Charlotte Russe
Necklace ~ Gifted
Earrings ~ Macys $13