Answer to readers questions

" I'd like to know about longer jean skirts, if you've happened to see any - I have veins behind my knees that I like to hide."

"I have 2 questions...I am a Christian and I only wear skirts that are below the knee for modesty. I've been looking everywhere but can't find a denim skirt that falls just below the knee (1-2"). They are all either at the knee, mini skirts, or long to the ankles. It's so frustrating! Have you come across any modest, not-too-long denim skirts? I'd love to get one before summer is over! My 2nd question...what size tops do you typically wear? I'm not just being nosy, you are curvy like me and I love that cardigan on you. I'm just not sure how it would look on me, I'm very busty. I love your style and often wonder if I can pull off the things you wear. Thanks so much for your help!"

I know these questions are mostly about skirts, but I'll get the "What size top do you wear?" question first. I wear size small, medium and large. lol!

Depending on the style, cut, material and brand my size varies. I'm sure you've all read the shopping advice which says, when you go in the dressing room take the size you think you are and then grab a size smaller and larger. Unless you only shop one store/brand you probably won't find the same size fits you the same way, in every store you shop. So if you avoid certain clothes because you think "That could never fit me right", try it on in a few sizes first before righting it off all together. My only tip to the busty women out there and trying on/buying tops, is avoid ruffles, puffiness, added fabric, pleats, etc...at the bust line. It just makes us look bigger, in a "my chest may swallow my head" sort of way.

As for skirts, the beauty of being short (I'm 5'1") is many styles meant to be shorter, hit me at a fabulous length! The denim skirt I wore the other day, on the model went about 3 inches (or more) above her knee, but hit my short legs at the knee.

This denim skirt at Old Navy is on the longer "shorter" side and since it hits the model slightly below the knee, I know this one would be well below mine.
Newport-News sells a ton of skirts and dresses for great prices and at all different lengths.

This light weight, a-line, denim skirt at Gap looks ridiculously comfortable and perfect for summer! It's long and will more then cover any thing you wish to hide on your legs, while still staying cool.
I know this is not a denim skirt, but I added it, because it looks like so much fun and it's on the longer short side. You can find it at Macys

A few other websites I've found that sell modest denim skirts are:
Style J Denim Skirts

Honestly, though. If you are at all an online shopper, there are a ton of fabulous, fashionable, modest options out there for fairly reasonable prices. Often when I'm looking for something specific I shop online first, find where the item is at a store I shop at. As you all know, Nic is an amazing ebay shopper and has scored fabulous deals on name brand, nice items. I hope this helped!