Answer to a reader question

I am considering buying a denim skirt on ebay, but I'm wondering about the fit. For some reason, I find that denim skirts run small. Thanks for your help.

This is an easy answer. All you have to do is measure a skirt you already have that fits you great, and then email the person selling the skirt you like on Ebay and be sure the measurements match what you have. Or, measure yourself (fullest hip measurement...usually around the fullest part of your bum/waist measurement/length measurement...from waist to knee or whatever length you want), and find a skirt that matches your measurements. When searching for the skirt on Ebay, try searching in your normal size, plus one size larger and one size smaller. Most true Ebay sellers should have already posted the exact measurements of their item, but if not, they always email back with the answer if you ask.

I usually like to order denim skirts in a smaller size than I would normally wear if the denim is stretchy or if the skirt hangs at the hips instead of the waist. If the skirt hangs at the waist, I go a size up.

Good luck!