Answer to a reader question

Do you use hot rollers?? And also what kind of product do you use? I've been thinking of getting big hot rollers and trying them out. I really like big curls.

I don't usually use hot rollers, but I have used them on occasion. When I use hot rollers, I get a much tighter curl and the curl lasts for a couple of days. Lately, I haven't had to use hot rollers. Since I highlighted my hair, my hair has had a lot more body, so for all of these pics since the highlighting, except for the one of me in my Shabby Apple dress, I don't do anything with my hair but let it air dry. I've been using Dove moisturizing 2-in-1 shampoo, and that's it. Every once in a while I've used John Frieda's Dream Curls spray (pictured below), but usually I only use that to touch up at the end of the day. I love this product because it doesn't make your hair look dirty, and it is soft and touchable all day long.

For the photo of me in the Shabby Apple dress, I just used a small 1" barrell curling iron and curled a few sections of the ends under.

If your hair is not as full bodied or is on the straighter side, I would definitely recommend hot rollers. And if you want the curl to really last, use a curling iron before you put the roller in. If you don't have thick hair, velcro rollers that you put in damp hair and then blow dry can really add a lot of body, and won't look like you "curled" your hair.

When you take the rollers out, brush through it all upside down, and then tease it a little at the crown when you come back up to give it that full bodied, big curl, look.

One of these days I'll do a video tutorial on how to use hot rollers and how to curl hair. There is an art to it. For now, I'll just say, try to think about where you place each curl. Where do you want height, and if you want the curl to face away from your face, or in to your face. Depending on where you place a roller or a curl, it can totally change the look.