Product Review: Living Proof's No Frizz Restyling Spray

This is my hair on the third day after shampooing. That's right. I decided to test this product to the max and see just how long it would make my hair last in between shampoos.
When Living Proof contacted me to do a product review on their latest product: No Frizz Restyling Spray, I was very skeptical. I have always found hair products to weigh my hair down and make it oily - requiring me to shampoo more than I normally would.
After this three day trial, I have to admit that this product does what it says it should. My hair feels even more full bodied than before on the third day, has retained its shine without it looking oily or dirty, and holds the style longer than on freshly washed hair.

Living Proof uses a breakthrough ingredient called PolyfluoroEster. It's new technology that not only detangles, reduces static, and adds shine, but also helps you to restyle your hair by offering a light conditioning and hold.

I definitely recommend this product!!

No Frizz Restyling Spray is available exclusively at Living Proof for $24 for each 3.4 oz spray.