Answer to a reader question: Bermuda Shorts

One of our readers brought up a great question:

Hi! Been a reader of your blog for a while and love it! I enjoy seeing your outfit posts because we are the same height and have similar proportions so I know that if something works for you, good chance it will work for me too. My question is in regard to bermuda shorts. I like the just above knee length, but I'm having trouble finding a comfortable pair that doesn't have leg openings that are too wide. If the leg openings are too wide, I look shorter and wider. I'm trying to find a more elongating pair for the summer. Any tips on what I should be looking for? Would shopping in the petites be my best option?

I'm totally with you on having trouble finding the right bermudas! I run into the same problems of finding that the leg opening is too wide, or the length too long!

I have finally figured out that the only bermudas that look right on me, are those that have a little stretch to them. Stretch = leaner line = slimming.

For stretch bermudas, I've found juniors styles tend to make the most flattering bermudas.

American Eagle also makes some very slimming choices. The two below are from AE. This navy pair below is my favorite and is currently on sale for $29.95!

This pair from Ann Taylor Loft looks really flattering, and is designed specifically to taper in a little at the knee.

For length, you could try J.Crew's 9" chino short, or opt for a rolled style so you can adjust the hem to any length you like (see the denim bermudas from AE above for an example).

Lastly, my cheap way of finding flattering bermudas is to cut off older pairs of bootcut jeans at the knee. Bootcut jeans thin out right where it should for a bermuda short. You could also just pick up a cheap pair of bootcuts at a thrift store - cut them a little longer than the length you desire, and roll them up to the "just-above-knee-length" that you want.

Good luck shopping and let us know what you score!


P.S. If you click on the pictures, they link to the website where I found the products.