Outfit Post: Straightened hair, rebellious jeans, and trying-too-hard poses

I straightened my hair today. I've been growing it out for 8 months now, trying to achieve a long/straight/one-length look. My goal was to slowly start chopping off the layers to get it to one-length. But I already miss my wavy hair and am thinking I might go back to my old fuller hairstyle. What do you think?
I finally bought myself a pair of ripped jeans. They were forbidden to me all growing up while I lived with my parents, so I couldn't resist the temptation to buy them now just because I can. That, and they were only $8.
They are a classy pair of striaght leg ripped jeans I think--but I can already see my Mom rolling her eyes at me when she sees me tonight and finds out I actually paid for jeans she has in her trash can.

I get bored with posing for these outfit posts, and am always trying to figure out a more flattering pose that looks natural. This one below is a newest stance. Trust me, in my mind it looks way cooler. ha ha!

Look at all my bling!!

T-shirt - Gap - $3
Ripped jeans - Banana Republic - $8
Open toed/heeled leather booties - Target - $7
Silver hoop earrings - Target - $1
Bangles - thrifted - $2
Silver chain - antique store - $1
Three strand chain necklace - gifted
Chunky silver choker - thrifted - $2
Small silver chain - Kohll's - $.60