Outfit Post: Sunflowers

My first sunflower of the year!
I took a picture of the dress from the back, because I'm actually wearing it backwards.
I pre-planned this outfit yesterday. Something I only do if I'm traveling (usually). But I kept thinking about style last night, and what it really means. That made me think about the kinds of clothes I really love--like girly, feminine, ruffly, pink, flared, and soft looks.

My most favorite dress that I have in my closet is this cream chiffon. If I could have my wish, I would wear it everyday. Unfortunately, white isn't the most practical color for a mother of a preschooler, so I rarely wear it. However, I had an idea to remedy the impracticality of the dress last night. I decided to add the layer of a darker colored skirt to shield the delicate white underneath from runny noses and crayons that eventually find their way on my clothes from day to day. I anchored the skirt to the dress with this wide belt, and voila! I can still wear my chiffon white dress, but not worry so much about staining it!

Dress - Jovovich-Hawk for Target - $19
Skirt - J.Crew - from Li
Belt - thrifted - $1
Espadrilles - Target - $6
Rose pin - Express - gifted