The First Trimester Bloat, New Bangs, and An Outfit Post!

All of the sudden, two days ago, my morning sickness subsided. It didn't go away, it just became manageable. Even still, I didn't bother to post an outfit. I just hung around the house tired and lazy. The day after that, was good too! I really have no excuse not to be posting.

Yesterday wasn't so bad either. Until the evening. Not only did I start feeling really sick again, but I got this huge urge to chop my hair all off. How one can feel this way amidst feeling like their head is going to explode out of their body, or while it feels like the insides of their stomach are being churned into butter and they might throw up, or while they are so fatigued they can barely stand up, I have no idea. But I'm proof that it is possible.

Instead of chopping my hair all off, I just chopped my bangs off. Sick and all, I took a picture of them. Aren't I lovely? ha ha!

On top of feeling sick and scissor happy, I also noticed my belly portruding from underneath my shirt! No, this is not the baby showing...this is what happens when you regain your appetite for a couple of days after having spent the last couple of weeks having a hard time eating at all.

I decided to post this as my first belly shot, though. Why not? After all, I'm almost 11 weeks anyway. But don't let that smile fool you - I collapsed into bed straight after the picture (and it was only 9PM).

So today it doesn't matter whether I feel good or not. I'm posting an outfit. I have a family Birthday dinner party to go to tonight, so I want to look halfway decent.

My stomach hurts so much, I needed to wear a loose top, even though everything still fits. I thought this top needed a belt, but I used the scarf instead so that it would be soft and not hurt my stomach as badly as a leather belt would. I like how it turned out, and my stomach is thanking me for it.

And I know, it looks like I'm wearing a maternity top already - but I promise I'm not! See - my belly's still somewhat flat underneath all of that fabric!

Top - Kohl's - gifted
Scarf/belt - gifted
Jeans - Express - $19
Espadrille wedges - Target - $6
Shell earrings - Target - $1

Oh, and THANK YOU so much for all the congratulatory comments on the baby! I am really super excited! I very much appreciated all the blessings, prayers, and well wishes!