Outfit Post: 93 Degrees!

Can you believe it's 93 degrees in Northwest Ohio today?

And why is it that I get so much hotter than normal these days? lol! Thank goodness these shorts still fit!

I went to the orthodontist today and found that being reclined in one of those dental chairs is not the ideal state for a pregnant woman. After 30 minutes of it, I was so dizzy and pale when they lifted the chair up, that even the orthodontist aids (or whatever they are called) told me not to move for a little until the dizzyness subsided. I'm still dizzy from the experience, but at least I can walk straight now.

Tonight my husband's family is taking him out to dinner for his Birthday which is on Saturday. Should be fun for everyone but my stomach. lol!

Vest - Charlotte Russe - gifted
T-shirt - Gap - $3
Shorts - Dillard's - $7
Wedges - Gap Outlet - $3
Earrings - gifted
Set of pearl bracelets - F21 - $1.50
Bag - Helen Welsh - gifted