Outfit Post: Girl's Day Out

I opted for leggings at first, but after this controversy, I thought it would be much more modest with skinny jeans. And if you remember, this tunic used to be a dress.
Apart from craving the zaniest of food combinations at the weirdest times, my morning sickness has not been so bad this past week, and I'm enjoying getting my house back in order and working on projects again.

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. I'm taking her, her sister, and her (and my) sister-in-law out for shopping, dinner, and the birthday girl gets a facial! Should be fun, and the perfect excuse to wear bright lipstick and tons of necklaces!

Tunic - Target - $8
Leggings - Wal-Mart - $5
Pumps - BCBGirls - $21
Jeans - Express - $19
Necklace - Target - gifted
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Necklace - Kohl's - $.60
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21