Outfit Post: Wet hair and my new jacket

Just FYI - I don't go out in wet hair, it will be air dried before I leave the house. :-)
I felt like being all girly and ladylike today. This rose colored jacket and these porcelain rose earrings express exactly how I feel.
I love how the ruffle on the shirt looks great over the jacket lapel. A little bit of shirt peaking out adds just the right touch.

And yay that this jacket has a little bit of room in the tummy area. I'm hoping to get a few more wears out of this before I really start popping out!

My son has been noticing my belly sticking out, especially since my belly button is already popping out and my belly is already hard. He keeps knocking on my belly and telling me that the baby told him he was crying and wanted to come out tomorrow. And yes, my son is convinced it's a boy. Too cute! I'm quite sure my son will have a harder time waiting these last six months than I will!

Jacket - thrifted (Old Navy) - $1
Skirt - Gap - $16
Cream top - thrifted - $2
Earrings - thrifted - $.25
Necklace - courtesy of LuShae Jewelry
Wedge sandals - JCPenney - $8