Outfit Post: Cold and Gloomy Thursday

This coat I'm wearing is corduroy - matches my corduroy pants...and yes, these are actually real maternity pants! I finally caved in and decided it was time to break out the maternity wear! My stomach is thanking me. :-)

This top isn't maternity, so I won't get to wear it too much longer, but I'm glad I could wear it today since I love teal and magenta together. Wearing deep jewel tones on a day as gloomy as today just felt right.

Which, btw, the fall is so pretty here! The trees are so bright orange everywhere. It looks spectacular against a gray sky!

Top - H&M - $5
Pants - Gap Maternity - $7
Hat - Target - $6
Clogs - Colin Stuart - thrifted - $4
Lace cami - Aeropostale - thrifted - $.25
Coat - Gap - gifted
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21