Outfit Post: Romancing Cargo Pants

This outfit would look so much better with a belt cinching in right under the bust - but unfortunately, I don't have a belt that is comfortable enough.
I had hoped when I found this top that I could wear it in the early part of my pregnancy, and am so glad I can! It's too short to last too much longer, but is perfect for my current size.
Whenever I wear this soft pink color, I use it as an excuse to pull out my pale pink barrett and my pale pink porcelain rose earrings.
I'm not a fan of cargoes. But for the price, I couldn't pass them up. Maternity wear for me is all about comfort and low prices. I can't afford more on something I will wear for such a short time. So since they were comfortable, and only $7, they found their way home with me. They make me look shorter and wider, and just don't fit my feminine style--but hopefully the romantic top, earrings, and hairdo distract from the bottom, and I'll get my $7 worth!
Top - thrifted - $2
Sweater - hand-me-down
Cargo pants - Gap Maternity - $7
Wedge sandals - JCPenney - $8
Rose porcelain earrings - thrifted - $.25
Necklace - Courtesy of LuShae Jewelry
Barrett - gifted