Outfit Post: Pearls and Pink Preppy/Classic Style

My outfit yesterday caused everyone I saw to comment about my growing bump. Even my husband came home and said, "Wow, you look pregnant." I reminded him that I was, just in case he'd forgotten.
Today's outfit is doing a pretty good job of camoflouging my pregnancy, which makes me wonder...
Do I want to look pregnant, or do I want to hide it and just look like I've gained some extra weight? The comments yesterday were kind of fun and made me relieved that I no longer look "fat", but "pregnant." But maybe camoflouging the bump is more slimming or flattering?

If you were in my shoes, would you rather camoflouge or accentuate your bump? Just curious.

Button down shirt - J.Crew - thrifted - $1
Jeans - Target - ?
Loafer wedges - thrifted - $4
Pearl earrings and necklace - gifted
Pearl/chiffon sweater - Ann Taylor - $9.88