Three days of outfits

Many things have changed since the last time I did an outfit post. For instance. I've become somber, serious, stoic and my hair has gotten very long.
But...somethings have not changed. I still am goofy with a silly sense of humor! LOL
Saturday Outfit:
Tunic ~ H&M
Sweater and Jeans ~ Gap
Necklace ~ Target
Booties ~ Kohls

Since it has been awhile I thought I'd get a picture up of my children. Jade is now 4 and Cutter is 1. They are getting so big!

Sunday Outfit:
Jacket ~ Ross
Green Tank ~ Marshall's
Skirt ~ H&M
Necklace ~ Forever21
Boots ~ Aldo

The sun is shining in western Washington, the wind is blowing my hair and even though it's a bit chilly I'm still gonna wear sandals!
Monday's Outfit:
Sweater ~ Old Navy
Shirt ~ Gap
Belt ~ Gap
Sandals ~ American Eagle
Scarf ~ Old Navy