Outfit Post: The Diaper Dress

My son calls this dress my "diaper" dress. I found it at Goodwill (surprise, surprise), and while I was inspecting it for stains at the store with my son right beside me, I found that the top part of the dress fits like a bodysuit with snaps underneath the skirt part of the dress. That translates to "diaper" for my son apparently.

I thought the dress looked so comfortable and the fit so flattering I had to buy it even though it was covered in some reddish stain on the side. I brought it home and immediately soaked it in Oxyclean and the stains came right out. After a good washing and drying (even though it was supposed to be air dried), it shrunk to the absolute perfect length for me.

Another thing I love about this dress is that it's a knit (comfy) and the color is oatmeal heather. Any kind of heather finish works miracles on hiding stains which are bound to appear when two kids are crawling over me at all times. Yep, this diaper dress is a keeper.

I'm having company for dinner tonight and thought this comfy/casual dress would be the perfect hostess dress. Will definitely have to wear some cute aprons all day while I cook and bake and hope that the dress makes it stain free through today and this evening!

Dress - Goodwill - $5
Necklace - gifted
Espadrilles - Target - $6