Outfit Post: Green

This morning I decided to take the kids to the movies. Our local theatre has free showings for children at 10:00 on Wednesday mornings. So these are the photos I got straight from the shower, before I fixed my hair and as I was rushing out the door. Last night when I got home from the salon, my hair looked smooth and perfect like this.
 I know, very blurry photo. Gone are the days when I have the time to actually use a real camera. Droid camera photos are all I take these days.

After the theatre I was able to curl my hair (gasp). Something I haven't done in ages it seems. I just curled the ends of a few pieces since I am again on the run for more outings today. Here are the lovely headshots of my new haircut. Now, you are all probably not seeing any difference whatsoever. But bear with me. The last time I stepped foot in a salon was 7 years ago. While I've always had my hair done by a professional, it was always inside their home, so I haven't had the full wash treatment in quite a while. I felt completely pampered for two and a half hours last night and can't wait to go back. It may look the same, but it feels totally different. I am a new woman I tell you.

This green dress I won a long time ago from a blog giveaway. It's from Target. The leather belt is from my trip to Florence, and the shoes are Nine West. The faux emerald cuff and earrings are vintage and gifted.