Travel Tips

Dress - LOFT ($7), Shoes - Nine West (gifted), Bangles and earrings (gifted), Scarf - H&M ($7), Watch - Target ($5)

I overexposed the first photo so you could actually see the black. Black clothing is so hard to photograph. I found this dress at a thrift shop for $7. No alterations needed. Score! The best part of it all, was just the day before I went to that thrift score, I was thinking about how I'd love to have a black maxi dress just to travel in. And sure enough.

If you couldn't tell aleady, today is a travel day. I'm flying to California for a mini family reunion/wedding.

Since I've been traveling some this year, I thought I'd post my top 5 tips for traveling.
#1 I always dress fairly nice. I've tried the sweatsuit route and for some reason my experience is that when I dress down at an airport or on a flight, I get treated a lot worse by flight attendants, other passengers, and airport security. When I dress well, everyone jumps to help me with my bags and treats me with respect. People always judge you on what's on the outside if they don't know you. 
#2 I always cover my legs. I opt for long pants or a long dress (regardless of how warm it is outside) because I usually get chilly on the flight and I don't like to have my knees exposed for hours sitting in tight quarters next to some stranger - which more often than not is some leering businessman. 
#3 I always bring a second layer. This could be a sweater, jacket, or in today's case, a long scarf. Anything that can act as a blanket in case the plane doesn't have any more blankets to offer. 
#4 I always dress comfortable. If I'm wearing pants, they can't be too tight, or they just have to be stretchy. I opt for knit tops or dresses so I don't have to worry about them wrinkling and so they can pack easily for while I'm at my destination or traveling home wearing something else. Dressing comfortably includes comfortable jewelry. No heavy earrings, necklaces that snag on things, or bangles that fall off too easily.
#5 I always wear comfortable shoes, but not necessarily walking shoes. I'm sitting mostly, so I don't find it necessary to wear a good walking shoe, just a comfortable shoe that will get me to the terminal and then stay on my foot comfortably while I sit. Usually for me this means a wedge shoe. It's stylish, easy to walk in, comfortable, and also is better to wear than pack since wedges are so large and take up too much space in the carry-on.

There are probably some better tips out there, but these are my top personal top 5. What are your top 5 travel tips?