Vintage Scalloped Lace

Remember this dress? So all I did was cut the netting off around the edges of the scalloped lace to shorten it (took forever), and then hemmed the lining underneath. I had to cut out the tulle underneath because it was getting too old and didn't lay properly. I really tried to save the tulle!!
 I'm so glad I didn't have to cut the sleeves off or mess with the neckline or bodice, I thought it was just perfect as is!
 I also took the bow off the waist and had to belt it because the waist doesn't fit me properly.
 I tried it without the belt, and it just bunches up in an unflattering way.
 Maybe this picture gives a better picture of why it needed the belt.

 If I stand up real tall and stretch my torso out, then it looks ok without the belt, but I prefer anchoring the sweetness of the dress with the belt.
So what do you think? Is this vintage dress modern enough to pull off for a wedding or other special event? Or even church on Sunday?