White Jeans Before Labor Day

I wore this yesterday when it all of the sudden occurred to me that we were only a couple of weeks away from Labor Day. Immediately the old fashion rule that says, "You cannot wear white after Labor Day" popped into my head. There are always exceptions to every fashion rule, and fashion rules hardly exist anymore, but it inspired me to pull out my white jeans. What I wasn't thinking, however, was that wearing white jeans on a playdate to the park wasn't the most genius idea. At least I had enough forethought to switch out of my platform espadrilles and into some flip flops before I walked the half mile there and back. Sometimes I'm just not even in the running to win that medal for "World's Most Practical Mother." One day I'll at least remember to keep my diaper bag stocked, and at that point avoiding white at a park will become second nature to me.
Shirt - Gap - thrifted for $3
Jeans - Zara - 25 euro (bought in Italy)
Espadrilles - Nine West - gifted