Happy New Year!

Corduroy blazer - H&M ($20), Chambray shirt - Gap (thrifted for $3), T-shirt - NY&Co (thrifted for $3), Pants - Nordstrom Rack ($7), Booties - Target ($8).
We didn't do any New Year's celebrations last night or today because my daughter has been sick with a fever. We spent a week with family in Michigan, and did enough partying together there, that we can appreciate a relaxing evening/day at home before the work/school week starts tomorrow.
Picked up these pants at Nordstrom Rack while I was in Michigan. Buying into the printed pants trend since they were cheap enough and I liked how they fit. My Mom said I looked like I'd been painting all day, my Dad asked me why I was wearing camo pants, and my brothers teased me. Some people just can't understand fashion. ;-)
Wishing you all a year of blessings and a new, more positive perspective on life. Happy New Year!