Early Maternity Dressing Tips

Early pregnancy can be difficult to dress. You don't fit into maternity clothes, you don't look pregnant, but you can't fit into your regular clothes. Here are my top ten tips:
1. Try a Belly Band 
Belly bands aren't always the answer, but they certainly help. I find that the belly bands can be uncomfortable because I'm constantly tugging at my pants, trying to keep them just perfect under the band. But there have been times that the band has been a lifesaver when I can't grab anything else, and I'm desperate to wear a particular item in my closet that fits everywhere but my waist.
2. Use the hair tie trick
All you do is take a hair tie and loop it around the button and then through the button hole. Love this trick and have used it with all three pregnancies.
3. Define your waist
Sometimes all you need is a little waist definition to remind you that early pregnancy curves are just as beautiful as your former leaner body. Belts are a fun way to define your waist, but choosing tops and dresses with empire seams can be flattering too.
4. Wear your skirts high waisted
Skirts that formerly fit on your lower waist or hip can now be worn on or above your waist (you can hide the high waist by not tucking in your shirt). Pencil skirts look exceptionally flattering on curves.
5. Layer with structured jackets
When your bump is so tiny, sometimes all you need is a jacket and no one will ever know that you've gained a few pounds.

6. Emphasize the one size fits all
Beauty and accessories will never be too big or too small, so pay attention to those items in your closet or on your vanity that will stay with you throughout, before, and after your pregnancy. Do your hair a little extra special. Add an extra touch of eyeliner. And stock up on cute jewelry, scarves, belts, bags, and shoes.

7. Save different sizes of clothing for early pregnancy and postpartum
I keep a pair of jeans two sizes bigger than my normal size for early pregnancy and postpartum because in both of those stages wearing maternity clothes is awkward. In early pregnancy, your belly is just not quite big enough, and it messes with your psyche if you're still in maternity clothes postpartum.
8. Thrift!
Don't spend too much money on clothes you might only wear once, for only one month (convertible dress below thrifted for $5). Try Goodwill, consignment shops, garage sales, clothing swaps, and eBay.
9. Be inspired
Here are some great maternity blogs with fabulous pictures and dressing tips:
I'm sure I'll come across more to add to this list soon - but this is what I'm drawing inspiration from so far.
10. Be yourself
Just because you aren't the same size and don't quite look pregnant yet doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style and desire to look great. Don't give up!
Feel free to leave a comment with any tips you've learned yourself. I'm always looking for new ideas and inspiration.