Summer Stripes

I noticed today that I have four striped dresses in my closet - all wearable for the duration of this pregnancy. I love how fresh stripes look in the summer, whether modern like this dress, or nautical like my other dresses.
Yesterday was one of those knock down drag out fight days with my children. For some reason they just decided that they would answer "no" to everything I asked (and I wasn't asking anything crazy). By the end of the day I was ready to resign my post as Mother.
Over dinner, instead of sweet talk of how my husband's and my day went, I ended up ranting about the children (in front of them, no less). After my dinner rant, I was off to yoga, which was exactly what I needed to settle down. My husband had the kids in bed by the time I got back, and then I spent the rest of the evening mulling over all my parenting mistakes which I assumed lead to the demise of yesterday.
Before I fell asleep I read this article, and it made me smile and realize how temporary all this is. One day I will miss even days like yesterday.
Dress - Sussan - hand-me-down
Sandals - Cynthia Vincent - $60
Bracelets and watch - gifted
Belt - Goodwill - $1