Summer To Do List

So far this summer we've enjoyed a trip to Washington, DC; Raleigh, NC; Grand Rapids, MI; and Three Rivers, MI. Late Spring we made it to Chicago, IL and Naples, FL. We've hit the ocean, the big city, Lake Michigan, Clear Lake, and a couple of Capital cities. We've done a lot of sight seeing to museums, a few short hiking trips, enjoyed a lot of lounging by the water, visited several different specialty coffee and ice cream parlors, sampled lots of unique restaurants, went to the movies, enjoyed a couple of drive-in movies, and in between done a lot of swimming at the pool and reading on our front porch.
But here's my list of things we haven't gotten to yet this summer:
1. Made our own creative popsicles:
2. Gone on a family bike ride like my sister did:
3. Planted flowers and worked in a garden (we bought a CSA instead):
4. Caught fireflies:
5. Spent the night outside in a tent:
6. Sat around a campfire to roast marshmallows:
7.  Sat outside to enjoy a sunrise and a sunset:
8. Fished, although my brother sure did a lot this year (pictured below):
9. Ran a race, and:
10. Gone sailing.
Many of these things didn't happen due to morning sickness. Some due to time. Some due to the lack of opportunity. And some, I just forgot about until now.
There is a lot missing in the list, as well as some things we did get to do that I forgot to mention as well.
With summer half way over, I hope to check some of these things off this list while I have the chance.
Hope you all are enjoying your summer and remembering to make it count!