3 Days Postpartum

I had no intention of blogging so soon again, and I will keep my posts few and far between for a little while no matter what, but with how easy my labor and delivery was, I'm finding myself wanting to return to normal life right away--please forgive my eagerness!
We had two short errands to run (picking up my husband's car that we left at his office when I went into labor, and picking up a few newborn onesies for the baby), so I used that as an excuse to see what clothes I can now fit into. I remember feeling so disappointed and discouraged when I realized after my first two that the baby belly on some women (i.e., me) remains for quite a while after the birth. But this time around I expected it and am embracing it. My belly has done a lot of work over the past ten months, and now it feels so much more comfortable and lighter than before. It may still be sloshy and sticking out, but I deserve to have it and am proud of it!
Chambray top - thrifted for $2
Knit moto pants - J.Crew - hand-me-down
Moto boots - Aldo - $21
All jewelry - gifted