Sunny with a Chance of a Flood

Our temps got up to 40 today so our massive amounts of snow are melting and causing quite a bit of flooding. Tomorrow we're supposed to get thunderstorms. God can do whatever He wants and He is definitely showing His power by baffling us with this weather.

It was a pretty warm day compared to what I'm used to now, so I'm baring my ankles and knees and trying not to overheat!

Sweatshirt - Express via Goodwill - $3 (similar)
Leather jacket - gifted from Florence, Italy (similar)
Jeans - Levi's via Goodwill - $5.50 (similar)
Booties - Guess via DSW - $19.98 (similar)
Scarf - handmade from my Mom (similar)
Shades - Banana Republic - $17.99 (same)
Hat - Old Navy - $.97 (similar)