Altering a Knit Skirt

It's not always worth the time it takes to alter clothing, but when something is given to you for free, and it's a great item, I consider that worth altering.

I got this Express bandage skirt as a hand-me-down from a friend. It was a few sizes too large, but I loved the cut and color and it was in mint condition.

I seam ripped out the side seams.

Then seam ripped out the waist and hem seam that overlapped the side seams.

I used a bar of soap to draw a line where the seam needed to be taken in about one inch from the original seam.

Before cutting off the excess fabric, I double stitched the new seam down, following the soap line,

like so.

Then I cut off the excess fabric,

only leaving the waist and hem seam that overlapped the side seam to fix.

Next I folded back over the hem and waist seam over the side seam and double stitched that down, following the original stitch from the rest of the hem/waist seam.

Now the skirt fits perfect.