Summer Maternity Wear - Guest Post by Hope Helms

Hi Ladies, Vanessa here excited to share with you a post from an old friend of mine. We've moved a few times since knowing each other, but we've kept up on Facebook and now I follow her over at her beautiful blog. She is a very stylish gal from the way she styles her house, to how she styles her parties, to her photoshoots, and her family. So I asked her to share with you all some tips on how to style a baby bump . . .

Hey, I'm Hope and I blog about photography, motherhood, and life over at www.hopehelmsblog.com!

I live in Texas where the heat gets kind of ridiculous during, well, most of the year. And this year, I find myself in the third trimester of pregnancy, smack in the middle of summer! So I'm here to share my favorite style tips for dressing that bump through the heat.


I'm not usually a dress wearing person during the summer (bring on the tanks and shorts!), but I find the less I have clinging to my belly and legs, the cooler and more comfortable I am. So I've been going to town on those dresses and skirts! They can easily be paired with flats and tanks for every-day comfort, or heels and jewelry for date night. I think they have become my favorite summer maternity staples!

The best part of this is that many times you can find maxi dresses and cute knit skirts that work for maternity wear but don't come with the high price tag. I have one maxi skirt that is officially maternity which I love, but many of my other skirts work too!

Be sure to also check your local goodwill. Often there will be maternity clothes that are either new or only lightly worn. I snatched up this cotton Motherhood Maternity dress there for a couple dollars, and it is one of the coolest options in my closet right now!


Tanks are a must if you're going to stay cool through the summer! They're fairly affordable, and sometimes even non-maternity tanks in a larger size work (and are usually on sale more often!). Looser, breezy tops are also a good solution for staying cool. This particular one is on my wish list!


For those days when you don't mind having more layers on the belly (gotta keep those shorts up!), it's nice to have variety from the skirts and dresses every once in a while. I got my shorts from Old Navy. Shorts are easily paired with those tanks, breezy tops, or even just oversized t-shirts. The shirt pictured below isn’t even maternity, but it keeps me cool!


If you can, getting in a pool as much as you can during the summer provides great relief while pregnant and wonderful exercise! A good swimsuit is crucial for comfort. *You may have to splurge on this! But it will be worth it. Target and Old Navy have some good options.


I think these are a must for any wardrobe, pregnant or not. They go with nearly everything, and sandals are a must during the summer! They can make an outfit look more polished than just your every day flip-flops, but be just as comfortable.


Sometimes wearing the same few clothes while pregnant gets boring, especially when you get to feeling fat and ugly. A simple way to spruce up is to add a few simple accessories. You don't even have to get complicated with it! Statement earrings can be fun with a simple updo/ponytail to keep the heat off your neck. I've also enjoyed using belts to add a little fun to all of the tanks I'm wearing, and they're totally practical if you're already a mom with kids.

*Best places to Shop for Maternity Wear:

Target (holla!) and Target Online, Goodwill, Old Navy, Ross or TJMaxx