Gettin' My Groove Back

If you ran into me this week, you'd have been met with a very sweaty, messy hair, make-up-less, slightly frazzled version of myself. I've had a difficult time this week trying to snap out of the dull drums after spending a week of excitement with my family in Michigan. 

Yesterday was my first day of energy. Maybe the coffee had something to do with it, maybe the fact I finally got my butt outside to run had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I feel pretty well rested up now and was excited to pull out this new-to-me skirt out of my closet this morning.

 I've really loved the striped full skirt trend and was thrilled that I finally found a secondhand version of it.

Now that church is over, lunch has been eaten, and the kids are napping, I'm enjoying a relaxing Sunday blogging and watching Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man. Even better yet is that while I'm "babysitting", the hubby is out getting supplies to clean out our cars inside and out for me. Before you go feeling sorry that he's working while I'm relaxing, don't worry, he'll have his turn. We'll swap out after he's done with the cars and I'll be cleaning bathrooms while he watches the kids.

And in other inconsequential news, my cell phone is eligible for an upgrade this month. I would love to upgrade, but I keep hearing I need to wait till the iPhone 6 comes out in the Fall. I'm chomping at the bit - my 4 is having a hard time holding a charge for more than 8 hours with the new IOS software I downloaded (should have known not to. Oh well).

I'm wearing:

Jean shirt - Goodwill - $2
Skirt - Care 'n Share - $4
Pumps - Steve Madden - hand-me-down

Get the entire look for $75:

Jean shirt - Hollister  - $15
Skirt - Charlotte Russe - $24
Heels - 6pm.com - $36