Birthdays and Valentine's Day

To me February is the best month of the year. Not for its rigid weather and blizzards (although those have their charm). Not because of Valentine's Day (although I'll never turn away roses and chocolates). But for the simple reason that February is my Birthday month! I'm wearing pink and my new favorite hand knit scarf from my Momma to celebrate.

My Birthday is right around the corner and I am EXCITED! I created a secret Birthday wishlist board that I sent to Chris, just to help make his shopping a little easier, I planned my weekend full of fun things which includes a date night, a shopping day, and an ultrasound so we can all find out the gender of our baby!

But with all of this coming weekend centered around me, I really feel like it is only fitting to make the first gesture of romance to Chris for Valentine's Day. I always assure him that my Birthday is all he needs to worry about for February and then I usually take over any VDay plans.

Every time I want to get a present for a man, the first site I peruse is Uncommon Goods. Men are so hard to shop for, but Uncommon Goods has a wide variety of unique gifts for men that make it easy. And thankfully, they contacted me recently, asking if I would do a product review. Needless to say I was thrilled since I was planning on getting a gift for Chris from them already. Not to mention, I had my eye set on this particular little gadget for myself (I have been using the spongester for over a week and it has already made a difference in warding off nasty bacterial smells in my sponges).

Here are just a few of the items that I considered for my hubby for Vday (not going to post what I actually got otherwise he will see it):

Razor Pit Sharpener

Beard Pack

Salvaged Furniture Wood Cufflinks

For more gifts for men, click here

Uncommon Goods sells products that aren't just interesting, practical, and unique - they also offer many handmade items to support local artisans, they offer a wide variety of personalized gifts, and have high standards and work ethics for their company - committing to featuring unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. 

So while most of you are shoveling your way out of snowstorms or bundling up against the cold, instead of begrudging February, take the time to buy a gift for someone for Valentine's Day, wrap yourself in your favorite color of pink and cozy up under a warm blanket with something warm to drink. Enjoy February - I know I will!