Bathroom Makeover

When we first bought our house six years ago, this is what our bathroom looked like:

Outdated wallpaper, brass fixtures, antique wainscoting and an old clawfoot tub with chipped paint. Nevertheless, we fell in love with this bathroom. The brass fixtures looked charmingly antique, the clawfoot tub was so pretty, and the original wainscoting told a story (the space used to be a butler's pantry that was later turned into a bathroom - the wainscoting is original to when it was a butler's pantry).

Then the shower head broke and we had to replace it with something else. Our sink faucet also had to be replaced. Due to the high cost of faucets, we chose the standard cheap ones. I miss the old gold brass ones that fit the bathroom style better!

Finally we decided it was high time to tear down the wallpaper. But underneath was old plaster that was in bad shape. So Chris put up new drywall that was leftover from another project we were doing. After a few days of drywalling it was ready to paint. We repainted everything, including the old radiator.

We also replaced the bathtub fixture again to just a sprayer and faucet instead of a faucet and a shower head. Taking down the shower curtain and surround really opened up the space. We found the faucet/sprayer combo on Amazon - normally $500 on sale for $162!

The clawfoot tub also got a makeover. We repainted the inside and out with white epoxy on the inside and copper spray paint on the outside. All the copper spray paint we bought from Ace Hardware. I'm not sure where we got the epoxy for the inside of the tub.

The wall color is leftover paint we had from when we repainted our kitchen. It's Valspar's "Winter in Paris."

I bought the seagrass tank basket at Wal-Mart for only $5.87. The toilet paper holder, pegs for towels, hand towel holder, wastebasket, and light fixture all came from Wayfair.com. The entire order of fixtures, wastebasket and lights plus tax was $84.

The rug is from T.J. Maxx and was $10. Chris also took quite a bit of time working on cleaning and bleaching the grout to bring the tile floor back to life.

And there you have it. Our new sparkling clean bathroom!