Capri Turns 3

Capri has been excited about her "purple Birthday" for weeks. All she asked for was a purple dress. We did not disappoint her.

Last night I took her to the grocery store to pick out her birthday food. Not surprisingly, she just picked out everything with Disney's Frozen pictures on it. We now have a house full of Frozen fruit snacks, Frozen cereal, and Frozen yogurt (that's not frozen). She just finished watching Frozen. It's 11:30 AM and we all have already had too much sugar and have sang Let It Go ten one hundred too many times. 

I picked out this teepee for her on Wayfair, but I'm not so sure she realizes how cool it is yet. She is still  mesmerized with the Frozen stick-on nails and lip gloss I got her. I should have saved my money, but it will look so cute in her room in the new house!

This sweetheart lights up our days with sassy comments, gentle caresses, fierce hugs, and enough conversation to keep you from getting bored. We love her to the moon and back! Happy Birthday sweet Capeezies!