Trip to the Fin Farm, Meeting a Bullfrog, and Our First Murder

I know you are wondering how many murders we intend to perpetrate after our first. Let me assure you that I have no intentions of any future murders. I cannot speak for Chris. But also let me assure you that no human or child was harmed in the making of our first murder. More on that later. 

Last Saturday we finally made it over to Chris's uncle's Fin Farm to get the supplies we needed for our pond. 

Chris's brother Justin works there on Saturday mornings and told us all we needed to know about what fish, fish food, chemicals, and equipment we need to keep our pond running.

We've been to the fish farm before, but each time is like the first for our kids. Ok, for us too.

Uncle Justin showed us all sorts of fish and told us what they like to eat or what they are good for.

We bought catfish to clean the bottom of our pond; minnows to feed our bigger fish; yellow perch, two different kinds of blue gill, hybrid striped bass, and crappie for fishing; and grass carp to keep the rest of the pond clean. If you come visit us, bring your fishing poles!

After fish shopping we brought our new friends home and released them into our pond. 

After releasing the fish I met this big guy while weeding the rock beds. It's been so long since I've seen a bullfrog, that I was pretty mesmerized. Either that or worried he'd jump out at me.

Chris came over to meet my new friend and decided to mess with him. Upon closer inspection we realized that the frog's leg was completely broken - like the bone was sticking right out of the frog's skin!

And that, my friends, is how our first murder victim was decided upon.

Chris insisted that the frog must be put out of its misery. After dramatic pleas to spare his life, begging Chris to reconsider, Chris did the brave thing. I didn't watch. It was all too awful. But I let him do it. I'm an accomplice.

Suffice it to say that the frog is no longer in pain and Chris's knife blade had to be washed in the pond. I don't think I can ever swim in it.