Down Comes the Garage

See the chipped paint building to the left of the house in this photo? That was the one car attached garage that came with the house. Yep, bonus buy. We bought a house AND an attached garage. We've never owned a home with an attached garage before, so you'd think we'd be overjoyed with even this. . . but. . . the cement foundation was cracked and uneven, the walls were dilapidated with ugly chipped paint, and the roof was in disrepair. Something had to be done.

When we applied for our home renovation loan we decided to include in our estimate a remodel of the garage. Our estimate included hiring someone to tear down the existing garage, break up the cement pad, and build new.

No big deal, right? Well, Chris (as usual) had other plans. He decided that building his own kitchen cabinets, making his own cement countertops, doing all the flooring, and doing all the demo of the inside of the house wasn't enough work. Why not tear down the garage himself?

He and the kids painstakingly salvaged all of the boards so that we can reuse them on the cathedral ceiling in our kitchen maybe?

Once the boards on the wall were removed, Chris realized he was going to need a truck and someone to help out. For some reason he didn't think the kids and my help would be enough.

Our brother-in-law, Seth, offered to lend a hand and a truck! Together Chris and Seth got the garage ready for the chains and the truck. 

I guess it really is no big deal to tear down an entire building yourself. All you need is some muscle and a truck. Seth says you also need loud, blaring country music and a cold drink.

For a video of the garage coming down, click here.

The real work is cleaning up all the mess! Insert Chris's parents, sisters, brother-in-law, CJ, and me of course . . . and well, you'll get the job done. 

We're working hard out here on the farm, but we've got great family, great views, and a lot of love going in to all of this making it all so worth it!